Forming marketing and investment team is one of the business breakthrough that has been done by Sragen Government. The forming of the team is based of on recent condition and situation such as fast growing development global trade that followed by the increasing of many outstanding products in Sragen Regency. The general trading of those prime products urges to manage professionally in order to fasten society income, economy growth and increase regional revenues.

This team is also formed as a place for others area out of Sragen to market their commodity in Sragen. In this case, Sragen through its marketing team has placed itself as a trading house for all local products or other regency’s product.

Thus, it is hoped that the economy growth both in Sragen as well as in other regencies can be fully expected.


· Office    :   Jl. Raya Sukowati No. 255 Sragen JawaTengah

· Phone    :   +62.271.890292

· Fax       :   +62.271.890266

· E-Mail    :   marketing@sragenkab.go.id or marketing_invest@yahoo.co.id



· Asnaun Novi   :   +62.271.793.2388 or e-mail: novi@sragenkab.go.id