1. Kalijambe Industry Area

Dry Port in Indutrial Zone Kalijambe

One area of industrial zone Kalijambe
In side of main railway Solo - Semarang  

Management of Industrial Zone Kalijambe

Area : 22 hectares
10 Kilometers from solo
Bonded Area

2. Dry Port Advantages

Serving directly the flow of goods and documents for importer or exporter
Cost of export/import can be limited (dry port is one location with Kalijambe Industry Zone)
One gate of Export - Import documents (PT. Sucofindo, Customs Office, EMKL, PBM and Bank)
Safety in stuffing/stripping activity can be guaranteed in quality or quantity section

3.Infrastructure and Instrument Needed

Dry port Area 2 -3 Ha
Trailer traffic and Stuffing area : 6.000 m2
Export ware house 450 m2
Stacking Area 8.000 m2
Container Depot (Empty Container) 400 m2
The Railway length of stuffing and stripping 200 m2
Office Building 400 m2
Stacking Capacity 7.500 teus


2 Forklifts capacity 2 / 3,5 ton
Mobil Crane 30,5 ton
5 Head Truck
10 Trailers
Train one double flat car for container 40' : 10 pieces & double flat car for container 20' : 15 pieces  

4. Finance Analyze

Finance Analyze

Investment Cost : Rp 33.446.000.000
NPV : Rp 11.736.000.000
IRR : 23, 47 %
Payback Period : 3 years 11 months

Sragen Government Incentives

Free Tax, PBB Digging, C. Tax, Retribution to Local Government
Environment Road Supply clean water and Information technology
Free Cost Permission Contains of "Principe" Permission, location, planning (KRK), IMB, HO, SIUP and TDP
Sragen Government gives 3 hectares area
Government will develop power plan

5. Container Service Condition


Exporters must taking empty container from Semarang
Export - Import container goes back to Semarang
Export - Import document process of made in Semarang


Exporters could take empty container from Kalijambe - Sragen Only
Empty container stored in Kalijambe DRY PORT
Export - Import document process is made in Kalijambe - Sragen