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Numbers of development countries must be prepared as soon as possible to face Free Trade and AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Association) era. Here, the local production sectors has important role in order to compete in economic global. Many imported stuffs which are sold in Indonesia surely will destroy the local economic if we can not make balance between export and import.

Knowing this reality, Indonesia must have right plan and ready to compete among the countries around the world. Beside, the government should make some blueprint and right decision to prevent the local trade deficit. The government also has responsibility to construct especially in industry and trade sectors, to ask the exporter’s prospective to increase their product quality and also to facilitate in selling the local products in global market. Our country's product and natural resources need to be packed and marketed professionally in order to be able to compete in global market. But the question is how far our government’s preparation to face “regulation without regulation” which is now began?



The Sragen Local Government pays attention to the problems above. Based on real experiences and also mature consideration for trading management, Sragen launch GENTRADE (Sragen Trading Agency).  The founding of GENTRADE is aimed to raise the product competition and trading passion especially in Sragen Regency and other regency around Indonesia. Through GENTRADE, Sragen tries to be an agent of trading. One of the ways to succeed it, the Sragen Local Government has some agreements with other regencies. With these agreements and partnership Sragen is able to reach almost all of the area in Indonesia with their potencies.

Sragen Local Government expects GENTRADE, as a gate of global trading, gives optimism and hopes to face free trade era. This fact is proven by the respect from other government which is shown by letters and joint venture request that applied to Sragen government.



Sragen Local Government through GENTRADE now has been deal with numbers of regencies in Indonesia. The programs that have been done as a form of partnership are: government relationship (G to G), marketing consultant, investment and trading facilitator.



DKI Jakarta province
Banten province
D.I. Yogyakarta province
Jawa Barat province
Jawa Timur province
Jawa Tengah province
Bali province
Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province
Sumatera Utara province
Bengkulu province
Riau province
Kepulauan Riau province
Sumatera Barat province
Sumatera Selatan province
Bangka Belitung province
Jambi province
Lampung province
Papua province
Papua Barat province
Gorontalo province
Kalimantan Barat province
Kalimantan Selatan province
Kalimantan Tengah
Kalimantan Timur province
Maluku province
Maluku Utara province
Sulawesi Tenggara province
Sulawesi Utara province
Sulawesi Selatan province
Sulawesi Tengah province
Sulawesi Barat province
Nusa Tenggara Barat province
Nusa Tenggara Timur province





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